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Hiking through the mountains of Maligcong

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Uncharted Philippines is an adventure travel company that provides people with organized trips to extraordinary locations that are untouched by mass tourism. In these "uncharted" places, we let travelers experience raw and spectacular nature, immerse themselves in preserved cultures, engage in unique and exciting activities and feel the exhilaration of life and discovery that is found only off the beaten tourist track. We are already recognized as the best adventure travel company in the Philippines and we look to similarly establish ourselves in other exotic destinations.

We value unspoiled nature above all else and are eager to work with people and organizations who have this priority.

Partnership & Collaboration

If you are a travel agent who wishes to sell our trips, please send an email to Cami Sarmiento at cami@unchartedphilippines.com.

If you are a tour operator who wishes to outsource your operations to us, please contact Leo Cuesta at cuestaleo@unchartedphilippines.com.

Job Openings

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your résumé and cover letter to Leo Cuesta at cuestaleo@unchartedphilippines.com.

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