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Trek through the Philippine mountain region and be awed by its natural and cultural heritage which include the famous Banaue Rice Terraces, quaint villages, sacred waterfalls and rivers, extensive cave systems, hanging coffins, and picturesque rock formations.


The Cordillera is the most mountainous and the only landlocked region in the Philippines. In a country of coastlines, it stands out because of its unique geography and cultural tradition. In this adventure, you will immerse yourself in the mystique of its nature and its people. Be awed by the ingenuity of the Ifugaos as you trek through ancient rice terraces carved into mountainsides. Take in the beauty and tranquility of Sagada, a quaint town in the clouds. Get into the heart of the mountains as you explore an extensive cave system.

Highlights and activities

  • See the famous Banaue Rice Terraces.
  • Learn the customs and traditions of the ancient people of the mountain region.
  • Trek to and spend a night in Batad, a village within an amphitheater of rice terraces.
  • Trek to spectacular waterfalls and dive into their lagoons.
  • Traverse a beautifully alien quartz and limestone cave system.
  • See the unique hanging coffins of Sagada.
  • caving / spelunkingcaving / spelunking
  • hiking / trekkinghiking / trekking


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    Day 1: Travel to Banaue

    The group assembles in Manila in the evening and we get some shut-eye while we travel through winding mountain roads. When we wake up we will be in Banaue, home of the famous rice terraces, often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

  2. Batad

    Day 2: Batad

    We trek to Batad, a village within an amphitheater of rice terraces. We hike amidst the rice paddies to a spectacular waterfall and spend the night in the village.

  3. Travel through Bontoc to Sagada

    Day 3: Travel through Bontoc to Sagada

    We hike out of Batad then take the scenic road to Sagada. We stop at Bontoc where we learn about the customs of the indigenous people of the mountain region. In Sagada we do a preliminary tour of the village and its picturesque surrounds.

  4. Sagada highlights

    Day 4: Sagada highlights

    We do plenty of hiking to see the many attractions of Sagada. These include a sacred waterfall, hanging coffins, an underground river and local handicrafts shops.

  5. Sagada caving

    Day 5: Sagada caving

    We've saved arguably the best for last. We spend an exhilarating morning underground traversing a bizarrely beautiful cave system. In the afternoon we say goodbye to the Cordillera mountains and take an overnight bus back to Manila.

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    Day 6: Arrival in Manila

    At around 2AM we arrive at a bus station in Manila.


There are currently no set schedules for this tour. Tell us your preferred date and we'll open that date as a trip departure in which others can join.

Departures are guaranteed once two (2) persons sign up for the trip. If you are the only person to sign up for a scheduled departure, you have the option of getting a full refund, rescheduling to a guaranteed departure, or doing a private tour for an additional USD 260.00.

If you'd like to go on this adventure but there are no dates which suit your schedule, please contact us, and we will set up a group departure date for you. You can also do this trip as a private tour.


USD 590.00 per person


  • All land transportation for the duration of the trip.
  • Three (3) nights accommodation in village inns.
  • All fees associated with the specified activities.
  • Guiding service.


  • Airfare to Manila.
  • Food and beverage. We will dine at inns and restaurants that your trip leader has pre-selected for their quality, and he will suggest local specialties. To give you the most flexibility however, we will let you order and pay for what you wish to eat. Allocate around PHP3,500 (about USD75 – don't forget to change your money beforehand!) for food and drinks for the entire trip.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Tipping. Tips to restaurant waiters, local guides, etc. are not expected but appreciated. Your trip leader can suggest an appropriate amount. Also, if you are happy with the service of your Trip Leader, a tip at the end of your adventure will be greatly appreciated.

Price is per person for a minimum group of two (2) persons.

Kindly contact us for information for smaller or larger groups.

Price is already inclusive of VAT (value added tax).


  • You will need a large bag (preferably a backpack) that can hold all of your things for the duration of the trip. You will also need a good pair of hiking shoes or boots and another smaller pack (backpack or shoulder pack). Details on gear requirements and packing recommendations will be sent to you when you have booked your tour.
  • This trip involves a substantial amount of hiking, carrying all of your things to and from vehicles and inns, and spending a rather intense day exploring a cave. If you do not already have a regular exercise routine, it is suggested that you get on one at least one (1) month before the trip. Though it is not necessary to be in tremendous shape to enjoy this trip, the fitter you are, the more fun you will have!
  • Yellow fever vaccination is required for entry to the Philippines if you are coming from a yellow-fever infected country; if you are not, this vaccination is unnecessary. The following vaccinations are recommended:
    • Hepatitis A and B
    • Typhoid
    • Japanese encephalitis
    • Measles, mumps and rubella

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