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Exploring Laguna and Zambales

The Uncharted Philippines team heads out to the provinces of Laguna and Zambales to discover new tour destinations suitable for easy weekend get-aways.

View the album 21 photos
  • Hulugan falls
  • Shooting the rapids along Bumbungan river in Pagsanjan gorge
  • At Silangin cove
  • At Capones Island

Palawan's best kept secrets

Discover islands, beaches, rainforests, caves, and waterfalls that few travelers in Palawan know about.

View the album 13 photos
  • At the 11th waterfall of Estrella falls
  • Giant clam and anemone fish among the corals of Ulugan Bay
  • Hiking through the wilderness of Cleopatra's Needle
  • An sea-side waterfall in Sabang, Puerto Princesa

Chico River rafting adventure

Getting wet and wild in the Cordillera region

View the album 17 photos
  • Getting the raft ready
  • Waiting for sunrise in Maligcong
  • At Maligcong
  • The ancient tattoo lady of Buscalan

Lubang adventure

Exploring a gem of a hideaway

View the album 23 photos
  • Rock scrambling by the sea
  • At the main cottage
  • Exploring the coastline
  • Rock scrambling by the sea

Anilao introductory dive

Discover scuba diving in Anilao

View the album 10 photos
  • Touching a feather star
  • Amidst the reef
  • Underwater tour
  • Underwater tour

Northern Palawan expedition

Images of the Calamianes reconnaissance expedition

View the album 17 photos
  • Local fishermen
  • Boat heading for Kayangan
  • Kayangan Lake
  • Needlefish in Kayangan lake

Visayas dive safari

Diving in some of the best dive locations in the Philippines

View the album 28 photos
  • Diver in Apo Island
  • A diver admiring the underwater landscape
  • School of jackfish in Balicasag
  • Thresher shark

Pinatubo volcano off-roading and hiking

Off-roading and hiking through the Mount Pinatubo landscape

View the album 5 photos
  • On the desert road
  • Aetas hauling bamboo on a cart drawn by a water buffalo
  • On the trail to Pinatubo's crater
  • Crossing a stream along the trail

Kibungan mountain range trek

Images of Uncharted Philippines' adventure tour through the Kibungan mountain range

View the album 7 photos
  • Rice farmer's shack
  • Mountains, river and rice terraces converging
  • Rice terraces on mountainsides
  • Hiking alongside rice stalks

Around Taal

Images of Taal, Batangas

View the album 10 photos
  • Taal's crater lake
  • At the well of St. Cecilia in Caysasay
  • Basilica of St. Martin of Tours
  • Taal's crater lake


Images of diving in Anilao

View the album 23 photos
  • Divers underwater
  • Lionfish
  • A school of Jacks at Twin Rocks dive site
  • Barrel sponges and crinoids at Arthur's Point

Ifugao villages trek

Images of Uncharted Philippines' trekking tours through Ifugao

View the album 23 photos
  • Walking along the rice terraces of Cambulo
  • On the way to Batad
  • On the way to Bangaan
  • Cambulo rice paddies almost ready for harvest

Babuyan Islands: Reconned

Images of the Uncharted Philippines Adventure Team's reconnaissance trip to the Babuyan Islands

View the album 24 photos
  • Atop Sibang Cove on Calayan Island
  • Local folks of Fuga island on their way home
  • At Lusok, a sea cave along the coasts of Calayan island
  • At Lusok, a sea cave along the coasts of Calayan island

Palawan: Adventure in paradise

Images of Palawan

View the album 9 photos
  • The limestone cliffs of El Nido, Palawan
  • El Nido, Palawan
  • The jewel islands of El Nido, Palawan
  • Tamilok - A mollusc eaten as a local delicacy

Heritage of the Cordillera

Images of the Cordillera mountain region of the Philippines

View the album 47 photos
  • Hanging coffins in Sagada, Mountain Province
  • Rice terrace walls on the way to Bangaan
  • Hiking towards the Cambulo rice terraces
  • Batad rice terraces

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