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Overload your senses at Luzon's secret gem of perfect coves, dramatic rock cliffs and scenic meadows. Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of mangrove forests, coral reefs and tidal flats. Visit an eerie abandoned lighthouse atop a seaside bluff.


Palaui Island is only a few hundred meters off the northeastern tip of Luzon. Though it is theoretically swimming distance from the mainland, the island's features are so distinct from anything in Luzon that it might as well be in the middle of the Pacific. In fact, Palaui's volcanic rock is very different from Luzon's limestone and leads many to believe that the island sprung out of the ocean and was never a part of the mainland. This uniqueness and remote atmosphere make Palaui a truly special destination.

The island is a sanctuary for 90 species of migratory birds and its waters are a protected marine reserve. It has an abandoned lighthouse perched on a cliff that is an intriguing site in itself and also serves as a perfect vantage point for spectacular views of the sea and coast. Any person with a pulse will be awed by Palaui's ruggedly breathtaking landscape.

This tour will take you through Palaui Island's most scenic areas and biologically rich sites. By hiking, snorkeling and camping you will get the most intimate Palaui experience possible.

Highlights and activities

  • Snorkel and hike through rich biodiversity
  • Camp on beaches
  • See spectacular island scenery.
  • Explore coves, cliffs, mangrove forests, coral reefs, and other amazing island features.
  • campingcamping
  • hiking / trekkinghiking / trekking
  • snorkelingsnorkeling


  1. Sta. Ana and Anguib Beach

    Day 1: Sta. Ana and Anguib Beach

    We meet at the Tuguegarao airport and from there we take a 2 hour drive to the northernmost point of Luzon where the road ends at a pier in Sta. Ana. We board an outrigger boat and float down a narrow waterway that snakes through a thick mangrove. We emerge at a beach with fine white sand and enjoy the coastline before setting up camp for the night.

  2. Palaui

    Day 2: Palaui

    Just off the shore of Palaui is a marine reserve and we spend time snorkeling the vibrant coral reef. Then we proceed ashore to begin our hiking exploration. We visit a mangrove with brightly colored crabs and tropical fish and hike through a rainforest of exotic plants. We walk along a rocky shore where low tide creates small pools with temporarily trapped fish. At the heart of the hilly island is an unexpected sight: a patch of flatland planted with rice. Beyond this is a windswept meadow with a view of the open ocean. We then arrive at a cove, at one end of which sits an old lighthouse atop a cliff. After enjoying magnificent views at this lighthouse, we take our boat to a small village on the island and spend the night at a Palaui local's home.

  3. Last stunning view

    Day 3: Last stunning view

    We spend a relaxed morning appreciating the beach and the grandeur of Palaui. As we sail back to the mainland, we pass by stunning rock walls that jut out from the sea to form Palaui's impressive eastern coastline. We say goodbye to Palaui from the Sta. Ana pier before heading for the airport.


This adventure is offered throughout the year. Contact us to schedule your Private Tour.


USD 590.00 per person


  • All land and water transportation for the duration of the trip.
  • Camping equipment
  • All meals for the duration of the trip
  • All fees associated with the specified activities.
  • Guiding service.


  • Airfare to Tuguegarao City.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Tipping. Tips to boatmen, local guides, etc. are not expected but appreciated. Your trip leader can suggest an appropriate amount. Also, if you are happy with the service of your Trip Leader, a tip at the end of your adventure will be greatly appreciated.

Price is already inclusive of VAT (value added tax).


  • Aside from a duffel or backpack to carry all your things you will need a small bag (a backpack or shoulder pack) for you to carry water and snacks while hiking. You will need a good pair of hiking shoes or hiking sandals. Detailed packing recommendations will be sent after you have booked your tour.
  • Yellow fever vaccination is required for entry to the Philippines if you are coming from a yellow-fever infected country; if you are not, this vaccination is unnecessary. The following vaccinations are recommended:
    • Hepatitis A and B
    • Typhoid
    • Japanese encephalitis
    • Measles, mumps and rubella

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